An introduction

Truth, Honor and Knowledge.

These three words are the basis upon which an Order has been built. To its members, these are not just words to play a game by, but words to live a life by. They describe a type of person who values truth in all its forms. Truth in speech and thought over lies, truth to one’s self, in acknowledging one’s own faults and finding ways to improve upon them. They describe a person of honor, who respects the ideas and opinions of others whether they share them or not. They describe a person who strives to learn as much as possible all the time, and who will share this knowledge with others.

Equality in all forms is a central ideal of the Order of Ringbearers. No one class or race shall receive preference over another. No one person or group of people is more important than another. All segments must unite in a circle, or a ring of brotherhood, to deliver success.

In the Order of Ringbearers, all members shall have the right to voice their opinions and vote on Order policy. No member shall be sanctioned nor outcast for words they say while in the confines of the Order’s headquarter, or over Ordertalk, as long as they remain respectful and honest to themselves and their fellow members.